A Special Message from SCCEBA Executive Director, Bonnie Loomis

Bonnie Loomis, Executive Director

Dear SCCEBA friend -

The past few months have reminded me of the Beatles' song "Hello, Goodbye" because of the major changes taking place with both SCCEBA and our organizational friend, E4 Carolinas.  They've taken BIG steps to say "hello" in South Carolina and, for reasons explained in this SCCEBA Board resolution, SCCEBA has decided to say "goodbye."

Beginning July 1, join us over at the NEW E4 Carolinas South Carolina Clean Energy Industries Task Force.  All the faces will be familiar to you.

I will be Task Force Managing Director and Weston Adams moves from his SCCEBA Board Chair role to Chair of the Task Force Advisory Committee.  Plus, all current SCCEBA Board members and Strategic Advisory Committee members will be on the Task Force Advisory Committee, too.

So, as the Beatles sang in "Hello, Goodbye," SCCEBA says "stop" and E4 Carolinas says "go, go, go"!

All the best -

Bonnie Loomis

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